Living and Dining

Enjoy your rehab experience.

At Crowne Health Care of Springhill, we lead the active life to help make your experience more enjoyable. For residents transitioning to assisted living, Crowne Place is next door.

Live Life in Luxury at Crowne Health Care of Springhill's New Addition.

Crowne Health Care of Springhill’s newest addition embraces the belief that long- and short-term care should come complete with the very best in comfort and patient-centered treatment. With top-notch amenities, spacious dwelling areas, and personalized care, Crowne Health Care of Springhill’s Rehabilitation Facility is truly the crème de la crème of rehabilitation facilities.

This new, state-of-the-art wing located in Springhill truly has everything: From large private rooms featuring TVs with cable, WIFI access, telephones, and mini-fridges and all containing their own private bathrooms with easy-to-access walk-in showers, to the massive and recently renovated therapy gym, to a sprawling court yard with a lovely patio, there is a little bit of something for everyone at this facility! But that is not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amenities offered! Patients have access to a lovely dining room, resident sitting area, cozy screened-in porch, and even a coffee bar when staying at Crowne Health Care of Springhill!

Crowne Health Care of Springhill’s main mission is to provide excellent care for its residents first and foremost. This facility offers dedicated support to its residents by providing occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. They even have a registered dietitian on staff to address each patients’ dietary needs.

Residents can expect the individualized treatment they deserve along with a comfortable space they’re happy to call home for the short- or the long-term. As with all Crowne Health Care facilities, the focus is placed on resident-centered care provided by experienced professionals who treat your family member like one of their very own. With this remarkable Crowne Health Care of Springhill rehabilitative facility, residents can truly have it all—above-and-beyond care AND state-of-the-art amenities!

Worship in a chapel.

One of the most unique amenities at Crowne Health Care of Springhill is a rare find indeed. We are one of the few rehabilitation facilities in Mobile with a chapel on site, overlooking a peaceful courtyard. In addition to hosting Catholic mass weekly, the chapel also hosts Methodist, Baptist and non-denominational services.

Experience the healing power of family.

Our warm, homelike atmosphere is the hallmark of our experience at Crowne Health Care of Springhill. We know that the comfort of social and emotional support can be just as important as the right medical response. We encourage all family members and caregivers to be involved and communicate closely with us to ensure their loved one’s every need is met.

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